Herding Cats?

Power your production network or franchise in the Cloud with showcache – a powerful B2B solution that seamlessly blends:

  • Online Databasing
  • Bookings
  • Professional Video or Film Production Workflow
  • 4K private or public video streaming
  • Digital asset management – of any file type
  • Quality Control, Content Review & Approval
  • Accounting, with XERO integration.
  • Web site publishing. With a REST API
  • Social Media Sharing

Eliminate multiple data entries and media uploads to a slew of platforms, portals and applications and take total control of your digital supply chain.

Build organisations, divisions, teams, users and production types.

Content Review and Individual Asset Quality Control. Turn on INTERNAL and/or EXTERNAL approval and loop who needs to know in on requests and changes.

Build Teams that can upload and access any file type, from anywhere, anytime, to folders, in a password-protected project for viewing and approval or downloaded for editing.

Scale from a handful of users to literally hundreds or thousands, across the country or the world.

Set-up dynamic Call Sheets, tasking crew to multiple, geo-tagged locations. Automatically update users on schedules and up-to-the-minute changes.

Sort, drag and drop video, images and audio clips – creating rough edits. Add notes to individual assets.

Turn on LIGHTBOX allowing your Client to select individual assets for re-touching. View, comment on and approve edits. Stack multiple versions.

Add Terms & Conditions & Agreements. Click to ACCEPT.

Present your content – and your business – through a gorgeous backend branded with your logo.

No ads. No clutter. No data mining. No ambush marketing.

Road-tested with more than 50,000 multi-media productions for some of the world’s leading brands.

showcase your entire showbusiness with showcache.