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showcache is a Cloud-based B2B and B2C digital asset management, delivery and distribution platform.

It has been designed for professional production houses, advertising agencies, photographers, videographers and content creators who want to take their business to the next level.

showcache has been built from the ground up by production people who needed tools other video streaming services didn’t offer.

It has been road-tested by Australia’s most demanding Clients in some of the most unforgiving industries in the world.

From multi-national Corporations working across different time zones with dozens of divisions and hundreds of Users down to a one-man band, showcache comes with a suite of customisable features which can be enabled or disabled.

showcache empowers you to do

'show' business in the Cloud.

showcache was built from the ground up to exclusively meet the demands of an international production house with 17 offices and Clients the world over.

It drew on the experience of film-makers with over a century of experience in the video production business, meshing with system designers with a deep knowledge of the Internet.

The platform was tried, tested and refined over more than a decade in the uncompromising Australian real estate industry which runs on a Vendor Paid Advertising business model, where Agents compete claw to throat for even the slightest advantage, to win a listing.

It has delivered and streamed more than 60,000 videos, and served up over half a million photographs to millions of internet users around the globe.

Clients included all the major brands in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, British Columbia and the United Kingdom.

Over the years, the commercial potential of the platform beyond real estate marketing became more and obvious and in July, 2016 showcache.io was founded to pursue the opportunity independently.

January 22, 2018 marked the soft launch of the new platform to the general public.

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behind showcache

Meet the team

Brett Clements

Brett Clements


Brett is the visionary behind the platform that is showcache.io

Kristy Paroz

Kristy Paroz


Kristy Paroz handles customer support and training for showcache.io

Nicholas Tod

Nicholas Tod


Nicholas is the lead platform developer with over 20 years experience in delivering quality SAAS solutions.